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As my Whimsy takes me

Formerly 'Winterwitch'; also known as 'Alcina vom Steinsberg'.

You can contact me by pm or by mail to ysilme69@gmail.com .

I use this LJ mainly for fandom and fanfiction purposes and for keeping contact with my LJ based fannish friends. I'm now posting most of my stories here, which, so far, are all unlocked. Otherwise, my stories have their main home on the Archive Of Our Own and are also to be found on FFnet.

I've changed my friending policy as per September, 2010, in answer to LJ's new functions towards crossposting to other sites. My main journal is on Dreamwidth, and I'm crossposting my entries here. Most personal entries are flocked or filtered, though all my fanfic and other fanworks, so far, are not.
If you want to friend me, please let me know why, and where we have met before. I probably won't friend you back if we don't know each other already, and even then it depends on where we met and how well we know each other. Please don't feel offended by this, it's nothing personal but a consequence of LJ's most current development and my personal need for caution.

I've been over 18 more longer than not and this journal might occasionally contain adult material or links to adult material. If you're under age, please don't read further if you come upon any kind of warning or indication that a link or entry contains said material.

My icons are right now (June 2013) all made by myself from own material or from material in the public domain or commissioned by me (the Sigune icon). Please do not use the commissioned icons by Sigune for yourself or distribution. For every other icon I've noted in the comments if they can be taken or not.
I'm happy if you like to use these, but kindly ask you to credit them to me. It would be lovely to hear from you, too, if you like pics and like to use them, because I'm curious. ;o)

NaNoWriMo 2014 banner

Tree and Flower Awards, Vignette, First Place
for The same old tale?

Tree and Flower Awards, Gimli, Second Place
for Mathoms

Tree and Flower Awards, Family, Third Place
for Spring in Imladris

NaNo Winner Banner 2013

2013 Special Reading for read_LotR_aloud

Tree and Flower Awards, New Author, First Place
for Approaching Rivendell

Comment Challenge on MPTT 2013

I podficced for the HP Podfic Fest 2013

Season of Writing Dangerously 2013 Impetuous Participant

Banner 100 Drabbles Minerva McGonagall

Banner Märchenchallenge Schreiberlinger 1. Platz